We’re living in a forever-changing world, where people are both positively and negatively affecting each other and collectively, the environment. Choice is the driving force that compels the market, and as the data and competent understanding of how we change the environment in which we live reaches some of the producers, we are seeing healthier, more ethical, and more environmentally-sound products.

The natural environment around us is incredibly important, but the environment in which we spend the most time is often the home or office. What we surround ourselves with at home—the foods, drinks, cleaning products, furniture, even the paints on the walls—is an important component to self-care and creating a safe environment.


For something like a wall paint, it’s crucial to make sure it’s a non-toxic variety because the paints and materials for building the base of the home-space directly affect your health and well-being. Regardless of how the walls look aesthetically, the chemicals, leads, and volatile organic components have the potential create an unsafe environment for people; for family members to employees. Moreover, they leave a severely negative impact on the planet.

Creative Commons permission from mattwalker69 via Flikr.

This is where Silk Plaster comes in. Silk Plaster liquid wall coating’s raw ingredients use silk combined with cotton fibers, or cellulose, some mineral additives for decoration, and an adhesive component. This variation of liquid wall covering can be considered a green product for using a combination of ingredients from nature that do not contain the harmful chemicals, additives, or volatile organic components of conventional paints and related materials.

Silk Plaster not only pays attention to the health and environmental impact of their product, they also keep up with what is trending in the design and fashion world. This means that you will be able to select a nontoxic product in varying colors, shades, and hues in order to create the space around your home or office in an upscale, trendy, and textured manner. Silk Plaster’s liquid wall coatings combine ingredients that give walls a unique and textured look; walls that are often considered to be the foundation of the design space.

Whether you’re aiming to redo the living room or update the kitchen walls, Silk Plaster has options for all rooms of the house, even products to reestablish your commercial or office space. With a large selection of colors, it is ensured that you will find something that works for you. Light colors open up the space of smaller-sized apartments or flats, while brighter colors can add to the grandeur of an elaborate foyer. For the business front, Silk Plaster offers the classic white or off-white tones to renovate the official work-space.

For whatever your household or office needs, Silk Plaster has the health-conscious and environmentally-friendly choices that will round-out your space and create the basis for the design strategy that you wish to employ as you create and update the walls of the rooms. With offices and representatives around the world, there’s always someone nearby to answer your questions and help you find the liquid wall covering that is right for you!


*Feature image CC permission from Nicolas Raymond via Flikr.