I hate that cliché that a picture is worth a thousand words because it’s not. I understand the hyperbole in it; the deeper meaning of the idiom, but I can promise that it’s not only about how many words someone can jumble together in order to paint a picture in someone else’s mind; helping them see the described “image”.

It’s about experiencing. Seeing a true image. A picture. A photo.

A sentence describing the light of the room or the shadow against a wall, the backdrop of a story or an event is only so relay-able. The benefits of seeing the image is a deeper understanding, and today, the photos do most of the communicating.


Worthy of Words



An attractive entrance or foyer can truly make or break a first impression. The receptive warmth (or cool) or your persona can be felt not only by how you behave, but it can also be felt through the walls of how you surround yourself. With this photo as an example, the down-to-earth brown, cream, and soft clay tones really pull you in. Accentuated by the sunflowers art and the true-life plant balancing in the corner, a home’s openness and acceptance is palpable upon walking in.




Much like the foyer or initial entrance to the home, the living room can also play host to a variety of impressions. With a glowing hearth and stove, this is a centerpiece to the room. It calls people together during the cold winter, yet maintains that golden glow year-round. Even with the flames smoldering to ash, the room retains that glowing sensation from the warmth of the walls. The color expresses a contentment and relaxation that can aptly be found in an inclusive family or living room.




The balance of self-expression and class is not so hard to attain. You can be your authentic self and still keep things neat. The clarity of joy and contentment is clear in this bedroom; the walls celebrate the center of the room. The furniture is unimportant; this bedroom belongs to someone enthusiastic. Paired with the light wood floor, the color dimensions and design establish a balanced backdrop for the furniture and creating an expressive space.