Interior design and expression ideas are readily available through Silk Plaster’s European website. Looking through their Ideas Interior will give potential customers a true-to-life example of the vast list of possibilities for a stylish, eco-friendly, and non-toxic makeover of any room in your house or even at the office. They have photos accompanying personal accounts, with many stories, explanations, and photos from actual customers who “show off” their design successes.

From the living room to the bedroom, the possibilities are endless. Looking at some of the ideas, I stumbled across an incredibly personalized and unique ways of utilizing Silk Plaster’s liquid wall covering.

One of my favorite stories and examples is that of Alexander Boyko and his wife, who had been searching for a plaster covering with which to use on their walls. They opted for Silk Plaster because of the color palette and because they had seen first-hand the sharp and professional final product. Their idea stemmed from a love of travel and they wanted to incorporate a sense of inspiration to their room makeover. Planning travel is always fun and Alexander and his family wanted to have a visual reminder of their future goals. Their story can be found here.

Travel is inspiring and so is this amazingly versatile wall covering!

Another great example of an upbeat, warm, and bright use of color, is Naira Bolataeva, a master of home interior renovation and design. Her interest in using colorful flowers, curves, waves, and defined lines is showcased in her how-to video that can be accessed here. Her ideas are chic, optimistic, and can translate into any home. She is most excited about the new window of opportunities to expand her ideas and business through the use of the quality and versatile product.

Naira’s nature-inspired yellow floral design both brightens and warms the room.
Another talented creation from Naira!

Transition into other clips, I found design components that could be used through the house. There are some ideas that can even be used on the ceilings, such as the photos below. They can accent a room without being the central focal point, and easily can add a sense of more height to a room. Even light fixtures are highlighted by the paint!

There are even masterful art pieces that accent various rooms of the home and allow people’s creative sides to be on display. One of the most intricate and beautiful wall paintings that I found using Silk Plaster’s liquid wall covering was this masterpiece. While the article about this artist and his creation are in Russian, there are step-by-step photos of the work in progress.


Simply a masterpiece from Dinar Nabiullin!