We’re excited to receive the packages of Silk Plaster material so we can scout out which part of the house we’re going to use it on! At the moment, we’re contemplating using one of three small wall surfaces: the one in the kitchen, the one facing the living room, or perhaps the one in the foyer entrance way. Before making any decisions, we want to see how the color palate will mix with the apartment.

This is about the same color as the wood we have.

We live in a good-sized, one bedroom apartment with lots of light that streams in from the East. The floors of the living room and bedroom are a light-colored wood, while the tile that is in the foyer, bathrooms, and kitchen is a bit more akin to a light gray. At the moment, all of the walls of the flat are white, (or off-white, as my grandfather-in-law would say.) He would know since he and I did the majority of the painting of the apartment, last December when my husband and I first moved in.

The majority of the furniture and things around the flat are either black or white. The round, kitchen table is black. As are the rocking chairs that you see as you enter the living room. My office set up in the corner is also black. We have a black, comfy chair with light-colored wood accents, and a black shelving unit near the gerbils. The TV stand and the other bookshelves on the far wall are all white. Making sure that the colors match is going to be our first order of business.

A blank wall and a blank page are a few of my favorite things!

Another option we’ve been considering is to actually not paint the whole wall, but to do some decorative accents. I consider myself to be a creative and artsy person, so the more I think about this idea, the more I like it. It allows me to express my artistic side on the walls of the home I live in. Done tastefully, I imagine things will stay up even after we move out, (which I believe is a few years down the road,) but nonetheless, it should be a design that is clean, classy, and personal.

After looking through many of the examples on Silk Plaster’s European homepage, my inclination is to opt for something that is related to nature. I’m thinking either flowers, plants, vines, or leaves. Depending upon the colors we get, perhaps we could even create a little nature scene? It’s been a while since I’ve done much art—whether drawing or painting—but I have pulled out a sketch book and have started working on design ideas. I like the thought of having a splash of color among the black, white, and wood, but I’m not sure just how much or of what.

We want more than just black and white! We want to add splashes of color!

Back in high school I did a lot with photography and writing. I even did a calligraphy class. Thinking about the design components that most suit the true me, I think I’d like to have something nature-based while utilizing a short quote or sentence that represents what I’m trying to express. Doing a piece with some calligraphy could look great. It would be even nicer to incorporate my native English, use my husband’s German, and even perhaps use some Spanish.

Robert Frost has always been a favorite poet, and I thoroughly enjoy his poem, The Road Not Taken. It’s about making choices in life, all the while knowing that you can only go down one path. A part of me thinks about the choices I’ve made in my life that have gotten me here, and I know without a doubt that I am exactly where I need to be, but I also want something a bit romantic. Pablo Neruda is a Chilean poet and perhaps we could select a short something of his to quote, along with, or next to Robert Frost. Lastly, I’d like to find something that captures the essence of what it’s like to live in Germany and to represent my time here. While I’ve only been here for two years, I think it’s important to acknowledge that time and by designing something on the wall to work as a reminder, I think it would aptly tie everything together.

Something like this is certainly a part of who I am!
This also captures the important things I want to remember!
Enough said!
What a great mantra to see and visualize each day.

As we await the delivery of the Silk Plaster packets, I’ll be in my head, dreaming. I will be dreaming about images and words and thinking about how they represent us; what do I envision on the walls of my home that capture everything? I guess I’ll just have to spend some time thumbing through poetry and quote books, while doodling and drawing what I feel in my heart. I will aim to share a couple ideas from my sketch book next week with the hopes that we’ll have seen the wall colors soon, and can make a decision and get it painted on the wall soon.