As we’re securing the final preparations for some Silk Plaster magic at home, (take a look at next week’s post to check our progress!), it is time to look at some of the other countries where Silk Plaster operates in order to get a feel for how people create and renovate their home space. As a last bit of inspiration, we will be looking to at a few countries, including the United States, Canada, Ireland, and the UK, with further investigations into themes, styles, and trends from other countries in the coming weeks.


United States of America

Looking to the USA, we see that people have really taken to making their homestead the main place for relaxation, socialization, and enjoyment. Even just as recent as a couple years ago, US Citizens were spending hundreds of billions in remodeling and upgrading their homes. That’s right, hundreds of billions. The exact figure, according to the Wall Street Journal, was $130 billion. Even after the down-slide in the housing market post-2008, people still see the value in remodeling and maintaining their home space.


With so many people—from all walks of life—wanting to refresh, reshape, and redesign their homes, it’s no wonder that something as simple as a new coat of paint or small, personal accents can change the room. In the photos below, it can be seen just how warm and welcoming the dining room is with the resonance of the gold liquid wall cover. While Silk Plaster is still relatively new in the United States, customer satisfaction around the world continues to propel the discovery and use of the product. Silk Plaster is available in many countries in Europe, Southwest Asia (commonly called the Middle East), Asia, Africa, Canada, and Australia.


As US Citizens continue their drive to remodel and reshape their homes, and as people continue to buy homes and flip them, it is certain that Silk Plaster will continue to grow. Word-of-mouth is always the best indicator of customer satisfaction, and with numerous other successful projects throughout the world, one can see that Silk Plaster is growing. Right there along with customer satisfaction is a deepening understanding of how important it is to use eco-friendly materials to protect the planet, and what better way than making informed choices about which materials and supplies to bring into the home?


Canada is the northern neighbor to the US and shares more than just a language. While the culture and identity vary in numerous ways, Canadians are also keen on the renovation and upkeep of their living space.

Silk Plaster can be found at the one-stop shop of Improve Inc. located in Vaughan, Ontario, and they have also participated in many home improvement and interior design shows, like events put on by the Toronto Home Club.



I discovered some really great photographic examples of what people are doing in Ireland, and I noticed that while many people use the product for the wall-to-wall covering, there are also some great examples of detailed design work. The more I think about what we want to do in our home, the more I’m leaning towards design work. At the end of this post, I’ll detail what my husband and I discussed, as home design, particularly the artistic aspects have to appease all people in the home!

With these examples, I found that the wall decal designs have a clean and enlivening sense to them, and I believe that is one of the most compelling reasons that I want something that is nature-based on the walls of our home. While the swirls and growing vine design look great, we are a little shorter on wall space and will likely opt for a singular nature-based visual that utilizes all the components that we’re looking for.



United Kingdom

Lastly, the folks in the UK have some really fresh and smart design ideas that make their homes look incredibly elegant and homey. What does it really mean to have a homey home? Well, for starters, anyone can call their house a home, but the idea behind creating a homey environment is more attuned to how a person feels in the space. It can look nice or comfortable, but unless it feels nice and comfortable, there isn’t really any way to call it a homey place. In these photos below, I selected prime examples from the Silk Plaster UK website that demonstrate how a feeling of comfort and niceness can even be transferred through pictures.




Our Story

As I mentioned previously, the majority of our furniture is black or white and the kitchen is an off-white tone, which prompted my husband to suggest that we do something on the kitchen wall. We received three packages of varying colors: East 960, which is like a darker, charcoal grey; South 941, which is a more silver or light grey; and Provence 047, a lighter, softer blue hue.

We have the space and the capacity to do a tree that branches towards the upper-right wall above the door, and what we would like to do is to use East 960 for the trunk of the tree and the branches, with South 941 for the leaves that reach upwards and outwards. From there we were thinking about using Provence 047 to create a blue bird or a smaller blue animal in the tree, voicing a quote which would also be in the light blue, but potentially outlined in the East 960, or at least highlighted using this darker color around some of the letters.


We are planning to use the patchy leaves I drew and posted last week as a design base for the leaves on the tree, but we will have to measure how much space we have for branches and leaves in order to leave enough space for the quote. If you look at the photos below, you can see that we only have so much space from the ceiling to the top of the door frame and only a little bit of wall space to the right of the door frame. The wall angles itself to another adjoining wall, but we want to find a quote that is short and concise enough to just use the space that we have in the kitchen before anything moves out into the living room.

You can sort of see it from the photo: there is a brownish tile in the kitchen that looks like it could be an earthy ground, but where the wall slants towards the living room, the flooring changes to wood. For the moment, we think we will only have enough material to design a blooming tree design in the kitchen. Should we have enough Silk Plaster liquid wall covering left over, we might look into detailing something in blue and light grey down alongside the door frame. Please check in with us next week to see what is created with some of this awesome and versatile product!