Even if you weren’t able to get the house up to speed for the holiday season this year, don’t dismay! Looking a bit more long term has its payoff, and this year, that comes as insight and a broader outlook on interior design home trends for 2017.

This last year saw myriad themes or motifs as they rolled into the spotlight. While some of them had their time to shine, others are on their way back out now. Goodbye copper, marble, and open floorplans! We’re turning the page of the calendar to a new year, and in this world of uncertainty, it’s going to be a safe bet that your home space is the only space where you will be able to completely and fully unwind.

We’re edging into 2017, a new year with new opportunities, new decisions, and new outcomes. At home that translates into additions, subtractions, and perhaps even divisions that will reshape and restructure the home. Look forward and design a space that’s truly you, one that satisfies your senses, and caters to your taste. Follow in-step with the trends towards green colors, cork, reusable and sustainable materials, while creating a place within your home to escape into yourself.

New Color

It is shaping up to be a somewhat Earth-y year. Blues and soft browns are always good accents in the home, but the color to turn to this year is green. From light, bright, optimistic hues, to darker, woodsier tints that draw-in attention, the color to be on the lookout for as you plan and prep is definitely green!

Green is a color that can mean so many things and be used in so many ways. It can even shape mood or influence one’s subconscious behavior.

It’s the color of the natural world around us, and can represent something deep and free within our souls. It may even be a favorite color, reinforcing the connection with Mother Nature. In fact, some studies have suggested that many children and adults are experiencing a phenomena called nature deficit disorder. Due to the changing economic and technological landscape, children are spending less time outside in nature, which is suggested to lead to behavioral problems. Adults who spent a lot of time outside can empathize with the feeling that something is missing from their lives when they don’t get enough time outdoors.

Rekindle your love of nature by surrounding yourself with comforting green walls, dark, plushy furniture, or real life leafy greens. There may be added health benefits to housing plants within your home, as they can process and clean the air.


New Patterns

Staying within the goal of relaxation, comfort, and nature-based sensual indulgence, patterned prints from other elements in the natural sphere are making themselves known as crucial pieces for your home in 2017. While it’s always important to purchase ecologically-sourced materials and products that aren’t made by underpaid workers, this year the trend is to stay local or continue to support small businesses in other economies. A prime example of such a source is the partnership of local merchants within Kakaw Designs. Founded in 2013, this company works with re-purposing materials and having them made by hand in Guatemala. Check out their website for pieces to accentuate your own home.

Other examples of patterns that are making headway are those of leaves, flowers, and butterflies. Many of these prints and patterns can be a bit noisy, but when tastefully included in the home, they can add an extra bit of brightness to the room. What’s important to remember—in addition to the “what is in” component—is that you’re filling your home with materials that have either been chemically processed and toxic, or are re-purposed, organic, or unprocessed. The decision to spend a little bit more time and money on making healthy and responsible choices, lie with you, the consumer. Many companies are noticing the demand for sustainable and re-purposed goods, feeding the demand with an array of choices—things that are important to the consumer become important to the company.

Lastly, while the design, prints, and patterns will change the feel of the room, keeping with the idea of minimalism will give you the advantage in the long-run; some patterns and prints can overwhelm.

Personal Space

Being able to unwind at your house is the goal of any home, but a unique project opportunity for the coming year is to create a space wherein you can effectively escape. That is, in the place of a library or play room, why not create it in an adventurous light where you can retreat and escape into this place? If you’ve always dreamed about having a winter cabin in the woods, why not dedicate a room or portion of the house to reflect this desire? Does a lush jungle landscape sound more appealing? This is easily attained with a rich coat of green paint, vibrant, real-life plants and even the sound of running water, birds, or other sounds. What about a beach or sea landscape? With a pale blue coat of paint, light-colored furniture, and shell print pillows or blankets, you’re already almost there!

Dreaming of your ideal space is always a lot of fun, but it doesn’t have to continue to be a dream. With a little bit of planning and reflection of how to shape the space, you should be able to transform parts of your home into your ideal escape. Taking a vacation doesn’t have to send you half way around the world. Pack yourself a snack, a bottle of iced tea, and grab a good book and you’re well on your way to a day at the beach. The benefit to having a beach room is that you won’t get sunburned, have to shake sand out of the towels, and you don’t have to drive far away.


Combinations and Crossroads

What is better than the combination of textures and design components of old-world rustic meeting minimalist nature? The possibilities are endless with the right vantage point. Take two or three decor or design ideas that you like, keeping the same number of colors in mind, and create a crossroads in your home where the relaxed feeling of old-world rustic is brought to life by the ease of modern, bright natural accents. If you’re seeking something a bit more modern, why not think about shaping the modern space with accents and textures? If most of the space is kept simple and clean, you can still benefit from the addition of accents that add bursts of color or emotion to the design.

A prime example of this would be to opt for a specialized rug to have underneath the coffee table, while supporting the theme with pillows, throws, and framed photos or artwork on the wall. Creating a combination of designs or motifs is easily manageable by keeping in mind that too much might just be that: too much. While sticking with some of the other trends for 2017, try to keep minimalism as a base for all projects, but especially with any sort of combination projects. A crossroads is exactly that: a place where ideas and designs come together. It’s about balance and working things together.


In the end what makes your home special is that it is designed by you. Whether you follow the trends of others or whether you pave your own path, what is most important is that you are at home in the space you create.