This is the official Silk Plaster blog!

Silk Plaster was founded in 1997 and is based on proprietary and patented design technology. The initial goal was to develop a long-lasting, decorative material that lived up to the eco-standards of the evolving world. By only working with high-grade raw materials and first class equipment, Silk Plaster has been able to share its products with consumers all over the world and help shape their home design products, one packet of Silk Plaster at a time.

Official offices operate in Berlin, Riga, Moscow, Kiev and Dubai. The Silk Plaster team is made up of highly-qualified personnel including engineers, designers and managers.

To read more about the company, the history, the testimonials, and both awards and certifications, please check out the main European site here.

For a direct link to the Russian site, click here.

For the US link, please visit us here.